Would you like to join the Council for International Visitors, Newport ?

Newport County is the destination for many global visitors from candy makers to head's of state - here to work, study, network or just experience our beautiful Rhode Island and Narragansett Bay.
Newport CIV members are uniquely positioned therefore, to most exemplify the words "Citizen Diplomat."
It is the right, in fact the duty of all citizens to actively participate in shaping the USA's role globally and the world's perceptions of us, in positive ways.
Citizen Diplomats do this best by one-on-one communications - sharing our cultures, history, economy, natural resources and most importantly sharing our personal time - to make the difference.
Members' voluntarism not only enhances international visitors' understanding and appreciation of America, it also educates local residents on the ideologies, cultures and conditions in the "global village." Knowledge, education and personal contact makes for better co-existence.

Our Members receive:  
  • 2 to 3 Newsletters a year
  • sponsorship notices and opportunities
  • Great Decisions Discussion Series participation
  • the Annual Dinner and Membership Meeting
  • one free Annual Spring Reception
  • invitations to events sponsored by other local organizations with international interests
  • opportunities to meet professionals from other countries

    ... and the opportunity to be a Citizen Diplomat