One of the ways the Newport CIV accomplishes it's mission is through it's members sponsoring international students and visitors either at Navy Station Newport, Salve Regina University or through other opportunities at the colleges, associations, organizations and businesses in our community.
If you have the time but have not sponsored before, speak to one of our members who have, and they'll tell you how easy and rewarding it is.

Naval War College Foundation

Few placed do more to foster world diplomacy and global cooperation than the Naval War College.  For over 129 years, distinguished officers from every branch of the armed services, federal agencies and foreign countries have come to our Newport campus to learn how wars are fought, how conflicts are resolved and how, if possible, to prevent them.  The close personal relationships formed among a constantly changing mix of officers from around the world help us build and strengthen bridges of peace that span oceans, cultures and beliefs.

Over 50,000 graduates of the Naval War College since 1885's first graduating class of 9 students.

Over 300 active duty Flag/General Officers are NWC graduates.

Over 30 international chiefs of Navies and NWC graduates.

2 International graduates have become Heads of States.

129 Nations have sent students to the Naval War College since 1956.

If you are interested, please contact the appropriate personnel or the CIV Sponsorship Chairperson, Peggy Phelan at either (401) 619-5669 or sponsorship@newportciv.org.

Naval staff College
The Naval Staff College (NSC) operates one International Course that is 10 months in duration. Students arrived in July from approximately 60 different countries and will graduate in June 2015.

If you would like additional information about the sponsorship program, please contact Peggy Phelan at (401) 619-5669.

Additional information about the International Programs at USNWC can be found here: USNWC International Programs.

Naval command college
The Naval Command College (NCC) is looking for interested and dedicated civilian and/or military to serve as sponsors for specially selected senior international officers and families of the NCC Classes. CIV members are currently sponsoring students in the NCC Class of 2015. This is an excellent opportunity for you to assist an international family adapt to living in the United States, experience aspects of a different culture, join international social events, and form lasting friendships. The international officers and their families arrived in late July 2014 and depart in June 2015.

If interested, please contact the Naval Command College: Peggy Phelan at (401) 619-5669.

Additional information about the International Programs at USNWC can be found here: USNWC International Programs.

Defense institute of international legal studies
The Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS) runs two courses for International Officers: Conducting Military and Peacekeeping Operations in accordance with the Rule of Law (PKRL) and Military Law Development Program (MLDP).

If you are interested in more information, contact Dana Scott at (401) 841-1524 ext.160.

International Surface Warfare Officers School
The International Surface Warfare Officers School has several courses that require sponsors. The next courses will convene in the spring. Division Officer, (DIVO) is the more junior class. Some of other classes are Department Head, (DH), Prospective Commander Officer (PXO), and Prospective Commander Officer (PCO).

If you are interested in sponsoring a student in either of the above courses, or would simply like more information, contact Peggy Phelan at (401) 619-5669.

salve regina university
Approximately 40 international students attend Salve Regina University (SRU). The College starts in September and finishes with graduation in May. You can sponsor for a term or a full year at any time.

Please contact Mary Jo LaRocco who is the English as a Second Language Coordinator (ESL) to discuss your options. She can be reached at

(401) 341-2165.