The Newport Council for International Visitors subscribes to the same principles as the National Council for International Visitors quoted below:


The mission of Newport CIV is to promote excellence in citizen diplomacy.


WE BELIEVE in the value of citizen diplomacy "that the individual citizen has the right, even the responsibility, to help shape foreign policy "one handshake at a time."
WE BELIEVE that the peoples of the world are interdependent and that our future is secured through collaborations nurtured by free, open, and respectful communication.
WE BELIEVE that face-to-face meetings are the most effective means of communicating and that their success requires knowledge, information, and the skills to embrace and surmount cultural differences.
WE BELIEVE that international exchange programs should engage all peoples within and across nations, spanning ideologies, cultures, ethnicities, age, gender, disability and economic status; we believe these experiences are essential for those who hope to lead the communities and nations of the world.
WE BELIEVE that the National Council for International Visitors and its member organizations must at all times meet rigorous and measurable standards of quality and excellence in our programs, services, leadership, and management.
WE BELIEVE that the pursuit of excellence requires commitment and competence and that it should be marked by flexibility, risk taking, and an enthusiasm that is infectious and invigorating to our boards, staffs, and volunteers and obvious to those we serve.
WE BELIEVE that voluntarism is a unique trait of American society that must be reflected in our organizations and programs; it is incumbent on us to generate and manage with wisdom and care the financial and human resources that will keep us vibrant.